Brad Gaines Skidmore
Denver, CO  80260
Mobile: 303 668 7707
I effectively partner with teams seeking a common vision of super achievement.

With a well-planned road map, we "shoot for the moon" and hit it.
Active Directory                            Intermediate                 Currently used/10+ years
Active Reports                             Expert                             3 year ago/5 years
5/1999  US-CO-Englewood
Mastering MS Visual Basic 6.0 Fundamentals Certificate
Microsoft Certificate of Achievement
English, Hebrew, Spanish
Skill                                              Level                              Last Used/Experience
ASP Classic                                Expert                             Currently used/5 years
ASP.Net                                        Intermediate                 Currently used/5 years
C#                                                 Intermediate                  Currently used/5 years
Cold Fusion                                Expert                              3 years ago/4 years
COM / OOP                                 Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
Crystal Reports                         Intermediate                   4 years ago/4 years
HTML                                           Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
IIS Web Server 5.0/6.0              Intermediate                  Currently used/10+ years
Java Script (Server + Client)    Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
MS ACCESS 95 / 97 / 2000      Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
MS EXCEL 95 / 97 / 2000         Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
Reflector for .NET                      Expert                              Currently used/5 years
SQL for ACCESS                       Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
SQL Server 2000                      Expert                               Currently used/10+ years
SQL Server 2005                      Expert                               Currently used/6 years
TSQL                                           Intermediate                   Currently used/10+ years
VB.Net                                         Intermediate                   Currently used/5 years
VBA                                              Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
Visual Basic                              Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
Visual Source Safe                  Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
VS 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010   Expert                              Currently used/10+ years
8/1991  US-WA-Spokane
Survival School Certificate
Wilderness survival training. Water/Food procurement, Shelter building. Prisoner of
War training. Interrogation resistance. Escape and evade training.
4/1991  US-CA-Monterey
Defense Language Institute Associate Degree
Associates - Hebrew Intensive language training regiment: 8 hours a day 5 days a
week for 47 weeks.  Included Middle East history and culture/comunications and
intelligence collection.
5/1989  US-WA-Ridgefield
Ridgefield High School Diploma
HS/Diploma Graduated with overall 3.6 GPA
11/2006 - Present  US-Kalispell, MT
NFS / TEKSystems  Title: Software Developer/Contractor   Industry: Insurance
I am responsible for enhancing and maintaining VB6, ASP, ASP.NET, C# Web
Services applications for National Flood Services (

I regularly create on demand ad-hoc heterogeneous data fixes via BIDS SSIS.

As well, I am responsible for maintaining and updating SQL Server 2000, SQL
Server 2005, and AS400 DB2 Databases.

Tools Used: VS 6.0 SP6, VS2003, VS2005, VS2008, VSS 2005, BIDS (SSIS),
Reflector, Araxis-Merge, Irfan-View, Squirrel, I-Series Navigator, Note-Pad, Word,
Excel, Access, Out-Look, Regedit, Active-Directory, COM+, AJAX, Web-services (HTC)

Languages Used: VB Classic, VB.Net, C#, ASP, ASP.Net, VBScript (Client + Server),
JavaScript (Client + Server), XML, SQL, TSQL, DB2 SQL.
3/2006 - 9/2006  US-Westminster, CO
Alpha TRAC / ACG Title: Software Contractor   Industry: Engineering Services
I was responsible for enhancing VB6 applications for AlphaTRAC
( to support analysis of hazardous chemicals. I created various
Database ocx controls and database logic ActiveX Objects.

As well, I developed ETL data transformation tools using SSIS (SQL Server
Integration Services) DTSX packages via the Business Integration development
environment in Visual Studio 2005 .Net.
1/2006 - 2/2006  US-Helena, MT
OPI  / TEKSystems  Title: Software Contractor   Industry: Gov and Public Sector
I was responsible for software and database maintenance work for the State of
Montana Office Of Public Instruction. The project involved upsizing an existing MS
Access 2003 database project to an Access Data Project (ADP) to use a SQL Server
2000 backend. The project entailed DAO to ADO and SQL to TSQL conversion on
the front end.

As well, the project required the creation of Tables, Triggers, Views, Stored
Procedures and User Defined Functions. I also enhanced the ADP with new
reports, additional user security and data import functionality for some offline
11/2001 - 11/2005  US-Lakewood, CO
Eberl Claims Service Title: Software Developer   Industry: Insurance
I Developed software for the insurance adjusting industry concerning catastrophe
claims management and E-Billing. The System consists of FAT client applications
designed in VB6 and Server side development using Cold Fusion MX, HTML,
JavaScript, VB COM, VB services via NTSVC.ocx and SQL Server 2000.
11/2000 - 11/2001  US-Denver, CO
XL Sure / AT&T / Comcast  Title: Software Contractor   Industry: Telecommunication
I Developed Client / Server Software to track Customer Retention calls. ART
(Accurate Retention Tracking) was designed to better track AT&T's Cable Services
Retention Team productivity.

The ART system is a paperless tool for agents and Supervisors. Agents perform
data entry on their individual desktops using the Retention IDWS application while
Supervisors manage data and run reports with the Retention Master application.

The system utilizes MS ACCESS 97 through applications developed in Visual Basic
vs. 6.0 and DAO (Data Access Object). Reports were designed using Active Reports.
8/2000 - 11/2000  US-Denver, CO
PDC / Maxim Group  Title: Software Contractor   Industry: Computer Software
I developed Active X Objects, Active Reports, and Crystal Reports to enhance
Product Development Corporation projects. As well, I improved existing VB code to
fix issues with PDC projects.
11/1999 - 7/2000  US-Englewood, CO
FRx Software  Title: Software Developer   Industry: Accounting and Auditing Services
I was responsible for maintenance and enhancements of FRx (Financial Reporting
Software) code.

The code spanned 4 different versions of FRx, using 3 different versions of VB
(4,5,6). Working for FRx.

I received several letters of appreciation for the outstanding work that I
accomplished, resolving over 100 software modification requests and
3/1999 - 10/1999  US-Englewood, CO
Amerinet Financial  Title: Software Developer   Industry: Banking
developed strong trouble shooting skills creating applications to work directly with
databases (SQL Server 7.0, MS Access) using the latest ADO (Active X Data Object)

I established a good background working with dynamic SQL and Stored Procedures.
11/1998 - 3/1999  US-Highlands Ranch, CO
MCI Worldcom  Title: Report Analyst  Industry: Telecommunications
I was Responsible for designing utilizing and linking Access databases to Oracle
and Informix databases.

I programmed using Visual Basic for Applications to automate launching of various
applications (IEX, NET-IT-NOW, various Microsoft Office Applications, and many
other windows based applications) to run and import desired reports into viable

I developed Microsoft Access databases to track application call statistics, agent
performance as well as schedule adherence.

I used HTML when needed and FTP to send reports to the Web on a daily basis. As
well as producing established reports, I constantly provided ad-hoc reports on
3/1996 - 9/1998   US-Thornton, CO
TeleTech Holdings Call Center  Title: Supervisor  Industry: Telecommunications
As a Command Center Supervisor I monitored technical support call operations for
multiple Clients (Microsoft, Nextel, Bell Atlantic, Business Travel Solutions, Novell,
National Mortgage, US West, and GTE INS).

I reported any vital service level affecting issues to various project managers,
supervisors, and corporate clients.

Responsibilities included managing agent staffing levels and supervising
Command Center Coordinators. As well, I developed Access databases and Excel
spreadsheets enhanced with VBA to provide vital analysis of data.
11/1989 - 11/1995   UK-RAF Mildenhall
United States Air Force  Title: Airborne Hebrew Linguist  Industry: Mil. Intelligence
I was an airborne transcriber of Hebrew voice communications to English

I operated intelligence collection systems, maintained order of battle databases,
and compiled real time critical intelligence reports for theatre consumers and The
National Security Agency.